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Aura Operations

Ground Data Center

The Aura satellite is operational and its control and data acquisition is the responsibility of the GSFC Flight Operations Team while the GSFC EOS Data and Operations System is responsible for data acquisition and initial data processing. Science data products are produced by each instrument principal investigator. The entire post launch activity is managed and coordinated by the Aura Project Science Office in conjunction with the principal investigators.

+ Description of the Aura mission in AGU's EOS

Special Features

Thermal Vacuum Testing
Thermal vacuum testing is the last major phase of the rigorous environmental testing that a spacecraft undergoes. During this phase, the spacecraft is exposed to alternate cycles of extreme heat and cold simulating the harsh environment of space. + View Movie

An Inside Look: The EOC
Spacecraft subsystems and science instruments must be scheduled, controlled, and monitored daily. These operations are performed primarily at the EOS Operations Center (EOC), located at NASA's Goddard Spaceflight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland. + View Movie