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Identifying large biomass burning contribution to urban pollution
The suite of TES observations allows quantification of the impact of seasonal biomass burning pollution on the already poor air quality of the world's megacities.

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Quantifying urban pollution production, transformation & export
TES measurements of key chemical species allow us to examine not only air quality within the megacity, but also the regional and larger-scale implications of Mexico City pollution as it is transported out of the urban area.

A Tale of Three Cities: Beijing, Los Angeles, Atlanta
Dr. Bryan N. Duncan is a deputy project scientist for the Aura Mission at NASA Goddard. In this talk he tells the story of air quality in three cities- Beijing, Los Angeles, and Atlanta.

A Story of Ozone: The Earth's Natural Sunscreen
Dr. Paul Newman is the chief scientist for atmospheric sciences at NASA Goddard. In this talk he discusses how chlorofluorocarbons were destroying the ozone layer, what policy-makers did about it, and what challenges the ozone layer faces today.