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meet the team : Anne Thompson

Anne Thompson

NASA Atmospheric Scientist 2015 AGU Roger Revelle Medal Winner
[12.14.2015] - Anne Thompson, chief scientist for atmospheric chemistry at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, has received the 2015 Roger Revelle Medal for her pioneering research in the understanding of ozone and other trace gases in the troposphere and stratosphere. The medal was presented at the Fall American Geophysical Union annual meeting in San Francisco, California.
meet the team : Anne Douglass

Anne Douglass

Know Your Earth 3.0 Features Aura's Project Scientist
[04.01.2013] - "Know Your Earth 3.0, Local Connections" is a partnership among 22 of NASA's Earth-observing missions. This educational project focuses on educating students, teachers and the public about cutting-edge NASA Earth science research. Anne Douglass is the featured project scientist for Aura.
meet the team : Andrea Razzaghi

Andrea Razzaghi

Getting People and Hardware Working Together
[06.10.2004] - Hundreds of skilled scientists, engineers and others have worked many thousands of hours over several years to make sure About Aura is a success.
meet the team : Pieternel Level

Pieternel Levelt

Shining Light on Atmospheric Ozone
[06.10.2004] - Levelt is interested in how our planet's atmospheric ozone, so critical to shielding us from damaging ultraviolet radiation and so important to changes in the Earth's climate, is affected by our own human activities.

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