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Chaiten volcano Eruption
The Chaiten volcano eruption in southern Chile caught local authorities by surprise as experts say it has been dormant for at least 450 years.
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Aura science result image Sulfur Dioxide and Vog from Kilauea
In late April 2008, Kilauea Volcano Volcano on Hawaii's big island continued its pattern of increased activity, including elevated seismic tremors and emissions.
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Aura science result image Sulfur Dioxide over Hawaii
Aura's OMI instrument provided the imagery used in the animation of the Sulfur dioxide (SO2) emissions over Hawaii. The volcano, which has been erupting since 1983, began venting elevated levels of sulfur dioxide from Halemaumau Crater, located atop the volcano, in mid-March.
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Aura Science Result ImageLlaima Volcano Eruption
The Llaima Volcano is one of Chile's most active volcanoes and has frequent but moderate eruptions. An eruption on January 1, 2008 forced the evacuation of hundreds of people from nearby villages.
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Aura Science Result ImageFires In Southern California
NASA satellites continue to capture remarkable new images of the wildfires raging in Southern California. Aura's OMI images show the smoke aerosol layer generated by the fires in Southern California as it drifts over the Pacific Ocean.
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Aura Science Result ImageOMI Measures Volcanic Gas Cloud (movie)
On May 20, 2006 a major lava dome collapse at the Soufriere Hills volcano triggered an explosive emission of volcanic gases. Sulfur dioxide in the resulting gas cloud was tracked by OMI for 3 weeks as it moved westwards across the Pacific.
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OMI Smelter MeasurementsSO2 Emissions from Smelters
The Peruvian copper smelters are among the world's largest industrial point sources of sulfur dioxide (SO2), and are among the most polluting in the world. OMI is sensitive enough to identify copper being emitted from the La Oroya and Ilo smelters even though these produce less SO2 than the volcanoes.
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OMI & MLS Tropospheric Ozone maps First global tropospheric maps show streams of tropospheric ozone crossing the oceans
OMI & MLS can estimate the tropospheric ozone residual by subtracting the MLS stratospheric ozone from OMI column ozone. These maps show pollution streaming from the U.S., Europe and China to the west in summer and pollution from biomass burning in the equatorial zone.
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 Asian Dust Storms (movie)
Asia is suffering through the worst dust storm season in at least five years. The eighth major storm this year clogged the air over China, Korea, and Japan with sand from the Taklamkan and Gobi deserts. The sand picks up a toxic mix of heavy metals and carcinogens as the clouds pass over China's industrial areas, exacerbating health problems due to these storms.
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Aura Science Result Image South Korea gets rare yellow snowfall
South Koreans were treated to a rare weather phenomenon on Monday when yellow snow fell in the capital and elsewhere across the country.
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Aura Science Result Image NASA Satellite Eyes Atmosphere to Improve Pollution and Climate Forecasting
Thanks to the latest sophisticated, satellite-based instruments, local and regional air pollution and their sources can now be observed closely from space.
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Aura Science Result Image Eruption of Anatahan
This image of the volcanic eruptions from Anatahan (Mariana Islands) shows sulfur dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere on April 7, 2005, over 30 hours after the eruption.
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Aura Science Result Image OMI Measurement of Nitrogen Dioxide
This image from Aura's OMI instrument shows the total column amount of nitrogen dioxide, a precursor to the formation of tropospheric ozone.
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Aura Science Result Image Sulfur Dioxide Plume From Manam Volcano
When the Manam volcano erupted explosively in the middle of the night on January 27, 2005, it sent a cloud of ash and sulfur dioxide over New Guinea.
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Aura Science Result Image Tropospause Fold
View this OMI vs TOMS data imagery of the United States
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