Where To Find Aura Data

Aura data are delivered to users through the NASA Data and Information Services Center (DISC).

For HIRDLS, MLS and OMI, the data are held at the Goddard Earth Science DISC. Data can also be accessed through the Giovanni system.

For TES, the data are held at the NASA Langley Atmospheric Sciences Data Center. The Aura instrument validation data are held at the Aura Validation Data Center at Goddard Space Flight Center.

Aura data users should download the data user guides available at the instrument web sites, and should contact the science teams for additional questions about the data.

OMI Data Centers

Get daily images from OMI at the OMI Sulfur Dioxide Group.

Sample images, and data related to composite solar spectra at the OMI data at Center for Astrophysics.

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