Ozone Data : Comparison between TES, G-PUCCINI and UKCA

CO-Ozone constraints on chemistry-climate models


The correlation of ozone and CO is an important tool to distinguish anthropogenic and background ozone.

TES CO:O3 correlations (2005-2009) have been compared with two state-of-the-art chemistry climate models: NASA GISS-PUCCINI UK Chemistry Aerosol Model (UKCA)

Correlation patterns are remarkably different between TES, G-PUCCINI and UKCA Suggests relative balance of model natural and anthropogenic sources needs to be re-examined.

"Global correlation patterns of ozone and CO derived from TES observations and model simulations"

A. Voulgarakis, D.T Shindell, K.W. Bowman, P.J. Telford, J.A. Pyle, A.M. Aghedo and P. Braesicke, IGAC, Halifax, CANADA 2010

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