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Science Features : 2010

TES ammonia over farming regionsTES ammonia over farming regions
TES retrievals show consistent dependence on concentration of livestock facilities
A-Train data for Merapi volcanic cloudA-Train data for Merapi volcanic cloud
Indonesia's Mount Merapi turned destructive, unleashing a series of eruptions.
Pollution episode over ChinaPollution episode over China
Aura observes a high-pressure weather system settled in over eastern China, in which air pollution began to accumulate locally for nearly a week.
Aerosol-Clouds-Water Vapor InteractionsAerosol-Clouds-Water Vapor Interactions
The properties of the polluted clouds indicate a warming and moistening effect on air entering the stratosphere by the pollutants in Asia.
Cirrus distribution mapped with HIRDLSCirrus distribution mapped with HIRDLS
Ongoing research using this data will determine how this heating enhances vertical transport in the upper troposphere.
Atmospheric moisture recyclingHow does atmospheric moisture recycling contribute to tropical humidity?
TES vapor isotope measurements provide details about moist processes in the atmosphere and how they should be represented in climate models.
CO-OzoneCO-Ozone constraints on chemistry-climate models
Global correlation patterns of ozone and CO derived from TES observations and model simulations
OMI IcelandEyjafjallajskull volcano
Near-real-time OMI images of ash and sulfur dioxide from Icelandic eruption
OMI IcelandTES Sensitivity
TES CO2 data are being used to estimate CO2 surface fluxes
OMI IcelandStrongest El Niño Event Since Aura Launch
Aura MLS observations show clear imprint of 2010 El Niño in the upper troposphere

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Increasing 'Bad' Ozone Threatens Human and Plant Health
08.05.2010 - On July 6 this summer, Virginia's Department of Environmental Quality issued the region's first "unhealthy" air alert since 2008.

Tracking Iceland Volcano Ash Plume
05.05.2010 - Last month when ash from a volcanic eruption in Iceland shut down air traffic over much of Europe, an international network of centers dedicated to this aviation hazard sprang into action.

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