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Science Features : 2009

reduction of Sulfur dioxide pollutionAura OMI observes reduction of Sulfur dioxide pollution over China
Chinese sulfur dioxide (SO2) emission controls were given a major strengthening in the 11th Five-Year-Plan.
Air Pollution ControlsAir Pollution Controls
Air Pollution Controls for Summer Surface Ozone as Deduced by OMI
OMI Fires Air Quality Changes Resulting from Emission Regulations
Regulations have resulted in reduced NOx emissions from major point sources over much of the Eastern US as shown by OMI's Continuous Emission Monitoring System data.
Aura and CALIPSOAura and CALIPSO
Combined use of A-train data for improved aerosol characterization
Aura and CloudSatAura and CloudSat
Combined use of A-train data for improved cloud study
South American biomass burningSouth American biomass burning
OMI observes large decrease of South American biomass burning in 2008
Nitrogen dioxide trendsNitrogen dioxide trends
OMI NO2 trends: 2007 - 2005 annual means
HIRDLS Cloud ExtinctionHIRDLS Cloud Extinction
High thin clouds are difficult to detect from space. The first comprehensive climatology of thin clouds has been developed with the HIRDLS limb viewing infrared radiometer.
OMI Observes Impact from the Gulf HurricanesOMI Observes Impact from the Gulf Hurricanes
Hurricanes Katrina and Rita caused a significant reduction in nitrogen dioxide emissions.
Nitrogen dioxide in CaliforniaNitrogen Dioxide Observations in California
Aggressive air quality regulations of emission reductions show results in Aura's OMI imagery.
Sarychev Peak eruptionSarychev Peak Eruption
The eruption of Sarychev Peak (Kurile Islands) in mid-June 2009 produced a large stratospheric sulfur dioxide cloud that spread rapidly eastward in strong jet stream winds.
OMI FiresSmoke transported from the California station fire
Aerosol measurements from Aura's OMI instrument

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In the News : Aura Features

Progress of 2009 Antarctic Ozone Hole
09.16.2009 - The annual ozone hole has started developing over the South Pole, and it appears that it will be comparable to ozone depletions over the past decade.

What's Holding Antarctic Sea Ice Back From Melting?
09.01.2009 - Sea ice at the other end of the world has been making headlines in recent years for retreating at a breakneck pace. Satellite measurements show that, on average, Arctic sea ice has decreased by four percent per decade.

Five Years of Aura
07.15.2009 - Aura has fulfilled its requirement for a 5 year lifetime and continues to provide high quality science.

Smoke Over the Amazon
06.30.2009 - Prior to widespread human settlement and forest clearing, there was no such thing as a fire season in the Amazon Rainforest.

Satellite Measurements Help Reveal Ozone Damage to Important Crops
05.27.2009 - The U.S. soybean crop is suffering nearly $2 billion in damage a year due to rising surface ozone concentrations harming plants and reducing the crop's yield potential, a NASA-led study has concluded.

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