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Science Features : 2004

Aura Science Result Image MLS Water Vapor and Pressure
Time-pressure sections of zonally averaged water vapor mixing ratio, shown as the deviation from the time-mean profile.
Aura Science Result Image MLS HCI - Observations of Antarctic Polar Vortex Breakup
Maps of MLS HCI in the lower stratosphere (520 K, 20km) detailing the springtime breakup of the 2004 Antarctic vortex.
Aura Science Result Image Solar Proton Flare Affects Mesospheric OH and Ozone
Aura MLS has provided first observation of this connection
Aura Science Result Image TES HDO / H20 (Surface- 550 hPa)
HDO measurements tell us about ice cloud formation and evaporation. This is the first map of HDO ever made.
Aura Science Result Image TES Carbon Monoxide
High values of CO near biomass burning regions and NH cities. CO in the upper trop is lofted by convection and fires.
Aura Science Result Image TES Special Observation: Nadir Step & Stare for Nov 3, 2004
The AIRS-visible images (left) show the TES footprint locations (blue) over a variety of cloud and surface conditions.
Aura Science Result Image Tropospause Fold
View this OMI vs TOMS data imagery of the United States

In the News : Aura Features

NASA's Aura: New Eye for Clean Air
12.14.2004 - The instruments onboard Aura will help scientists monitor pollution production and transport around the world.

Aura Sheds New Light on Pollution
12.14.2004 - Satellite offers unprecedented precision.

Whose Air Is It Anyway?
10.21.2004 - We share the air we breathe not only with other people but also with the rest of our environment .

Bringing Students and Satellites Together
10.07.2004 - Forty K-12 educators from the United States and France participated in an 11-day NASA-sponsored workshop this past summer aimed at bringing real-life science experiences into the classroom.

NASA Puts Safety First
07.15.2004 - The safety measures taken during the launch of Aura are characteristic of NASA's commitment to safety and mission assurance.

Aura Launched
07.15.2004 - Aura, a mission dedicated to the health of the Earth's atmosphere, successfully launched today at 6:01:59 a.m. EDT.

Launch Advisory: Aura Launch Postponed
07.14.2004 - The next launch attempt will be on Thursday morning, July 15, during a three-minute launch window that opens at 6:01:59 a.m. EDT.

Aura Postponed 24 Hours to July 11
07.08.2004 - The launch of NASA's Aura spacecraft has been postponed by at least 24 hours to Sunday, July 11 at 6:01:57 a.m. EDT.

Meet More Aura Scientists
07.08.2004 - John Gille: Searching for Patterns in the Clouds, Anne Douglass: Making the World Safe for Blondes, Peter Siegel: Studying the Energy of the Universe

Aura Satellite Ready for July 10 Launch
06.29.2004 - A next-generation Earth-observing satellite is scheduled for liftoff on Saturday, July 10 at approximately 6:01:57 a.m. EDT.

Ozone: Friend and Foe
06.24.2004 - The same gas -- ozone -- that is the main factor in bad air also protects us from the Sun's harmful effects.

Meet The Aura Scientists
06.10.2004 - Interviews with Andrea Razzaghi and Pieternel Levelt.

Aura to Check Health of Earth's Atmosphere
06.03.2004 - A mission to understand and protect the air we breathe.

The Good, the Bad and the Ozone
06.01.2004 - The story of a molecule and the spacecraft designed to help us understand it.

An Aura Around the Earth
05.17.2004 - On June 19, the launch of Aura satellite will help scientists understand how atmospheric composition affect the Earth.

Tango in the Atmosphere
05.13.2004 - Temperature, humidity, winds and the presence of other chemicals in the atmosphere influence ozone formation, and the presence of ozone, in turn, affects those atmospheric constituents.

Scientists Explain Aura Satellite Mission
05.13.2004 - Researchers will brief the press and discuss science goals of the mission at 4 p.m. EDT, May 17 in Montreal.

Czech Schools Part of GLOBE's Success
02.05.2004 - Six schools in the Czech Republic received awards recently for their collection of ozone data as part of a GLOBE project

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