TES Special Observation: Nadir Step & Stare for Nov 3, 2004 (150 observations from 1N to 65N)


Aura Science Result
Aura Science Result

The AIRS-visible images (left) show the TES footprint locations (blue) over a variety of cloud and surface conditions. Region A has light scattered clouds. Region B has heavy clouds near the surface. Regions C and D are cloud-free, with snow groundcover at D.

The TES retrievals for this Step & Stare are shown for ozone and water with the TES retrieved cloud effective optical depth and height shown with gray circles. The ozone and water retrievals both indicate a stratospheric intrusion around 35oN (near B), and show TES's capability to retrieve through thin clouds and above thick clouds.

Credit : S. Kulawik, M. Luo, and A. Eldering

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