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Grímsvötn Volcano Eruption

grimsvotn photo
Aura's OMI ultraviolet aerosol index allows volcanic ash to be detected over clouds whereas this is more difficult with a visible image.

The Eruption started in Gíimsvötn (southeast Iceland) on May 21 at 17:30UTC. The plume height had risen to an altitude ~20km.

Sulfur dioxide (SO2) and ash plumes are being monitored via the OMI very fast delivery system (direct broadcast) from the FMI website as well as the NOAA near-real-time system MODIS RGB is from the MODIS Rapid Response

MODIS and OMI views of Icelandic Grímsvötn eruption May 22, 2011

Grimsvotn Volcano
Terra MODIS RGB image
Grimsvotn Volcano
With OMI aerosol index overlaid OMI data indicate SO2 burden of 150 kiloton